Grammar. The questions

1. He ran across the street.
Where did he run?
2. She said it very politely.
How did she say it?
3. I spent my holidays in Switzerland.
Where did you spend your holidays?
4. I play three times a week.
How often do you play?
5. My brother teaches me a lot.
Who teaches you a lot?
6. They gave up on Monday.
When did they give up?
7. They started the climb on Sunday morning.
What did they start on Sunday morning?
8. The children went to the shopping centre.
Who went to the shopping centre?
9. They met at the station.
Where did they meet?
10. He did his workout.
What did he do?
11. Two policemen enter the room.
Where do two policemen enter
12. The men come a little closer.
Who comes a little closer?
13. The two women come from Brazil.
Who comes from Brazil?
14. They worked carefully.
How did they work?
15. The jacket is 50 dollars.
How much is the jacket?

Special questions2

1. They took the children home.
Who did they take home?
2. He went to the bakery.
Where did he go?
3. They got to the airport by taxi.
How did they get to the airport?
4. They go shopping once a week.
How often do they go shopping?
5. Jane opened the door.
Who opened the door?
6. They have got five cats.
How many cats have they got?
7. He bought a house.
What did he buy?
8. The cat ate the fish.
What did the cat eat?
9. The plant pot fell on the floor.
What fell on the floor?
10. They sell 20 kilos of sugar a day.
How many kilos of sugar do they sell a day?
11. She found Pamela’s key.
Whose key did she find?
12. The boys play football.
Who plays football?
13. They came late because they had caused an accident.
Why did they come late?
14. He lives in a big house.
Where does he live?
15. His car broke down.
What broke down?

Special questions3

1. Who sits next to Frank? Clara.
2. Where does the boy come from? He’s from Newcastle.
3. How old are her children? They are seven and ten.
4. When is Peter’s birthday? In April, I think.
5. How much is the shirt? It’s twenty pounds.
6. Who is best at playing tennis? It’s Bob.
7. Where are you going? I’m going to my friends.
8. How much is an orange juice? It’s fifty pence.
9. When does the restaurant open? It opens at six o’ clock.
10. Where can I get some ice cream? You can get some at the snack bar.
11. What are you going to order? Fish and chips.
12. What are you going to do on Saturday? I don’t know.
13. Who has got my pullover? I have got it.
14. What is your name? Carol.
15. When is Susan’s party? It’s on Friday.

Tag questions1

  1. He’s been to Texas, hasn’t he?
  2. Dogs like meat, don’t they?
  3. There are some apples left, aren’t there?
  4. I’m late, aren’t I?
  5. Let’s go, shall we?
  6. Don’t smoke, will you?
  7. He does sing in the bathroom, doesn’t he?
  8. He’ll never know, will he?
  9. I think he’s from India, isn’t he?
  10. Lovely day today, isn’t it?

Tag questions2

  1. He sometimes reads the newspaper, doesn’t he?
  2. You are Indian, aren’t you?
  3. They had a nice weekend, didn’t they?
  4. Peggy didn’t use the pencil, did she?
  5. Mary has answered the teacher’s question, hasn’t she?
  6. The boy is from Turkey, isn’t he?
  7. Sue wasn’t listening, was she?
  8. Andrew isn’t sleeping, is he?
  9. Tom and Maria will arrive at Heathrow, won’t they?
  10. She has a brother, hasn’t she?

Tag questions 3

  1. She is collecting stickers, isn’t she?
  2. We often watch TV in the afternoon, don’t we?
  3. You have cleaned your bike, haven’t you?
  4. John and Max don’t like maths, do they?
  5. Peter played handball yesterday, didn’t he?
  6. They are going home from school, aren’t they?
  7. Mary didn’t do her homework last Monday, did she?
  8. He could have bought a new car, couldn’t he?
  9. Kevin will come tonight, won’t he?
  10. I’m clever, aren’t I?

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